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Pluggable electrical installation: faster, more efficient and more sustainable

We innovate. Continuously. Installation technology solutions can be faster, more efficient and more sustainable. Isolectra’s pluggable electrical installation solutions were born out of this conviction. Ready-to-use. Less cabling, lower risk of errors and reduced cost. 

Efficiency is key in today’s society. The goal? Get more done, in less time. Pluggable electrical installation helps electrical contracters, contractors, construction groups, shell and prefab builders to achieve this goal. Loose cords, cables, junction boxes and installer connectors are a thing of the past. Pluggable electrical installation is the future. Faster, smarter and safer. 

We even dare to call ourselves the go-to specialist of choice in the field of pluggable electrical installation in the Netherlands. Since Isolectra introduced the Wieland GST18® system in the Netherlands, pluggable electrical installation has taken off. And we take immense pride in that! But we continue to develop, together with our suppliers. There is now a suitable system for every setting. The right pluggable electrical solution for every project. Yet still, we never compromise when it comes to quality.

Partner on site

We believe in the power of cooperation. We need our partners and clients. And they need us. Sharing knowledge with builders and electrical contractors on site is key. We are not satisfied until it works properly. Achieving something together. Working together for a better environment, for everyone. Growing together. And conquering the world together.

The customer’s challenge is our challenge. We have decades of knowhow to support you, listen, advise, arrange and adjust. In short, we are your partner on site. We offer project support, consultancy and more. 

But also with our own Isolectra Academy. Because... knowledge is power, and sharing knowledge doubles power. Get to know our online learning environment full of information, handy tools, tips & tricks on pluggable electrical installation. That’s the place to be for our customers to gain and assess knowledge.

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Our knowledge partners